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La Bibliothéque de Neverwinter Nights
La Bibliothéque de Neverwinter Nights
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Date : 17/04/2004 23:10:32 (updaté le 19/04/2004 19:47:44)
Auteur : Northpal
Auteur (email) : northpal@nwtactics.com
Auteur (site) : http://www.nwtactics.com
Version de Nwn : Can be played with SoU only or with HotU
Histoire/Description : What makes NWTactics unique are the following features:

1. The anti cheat code: We are allowing players to use Local characters and we have a robust anti-cheat coding that adds up to the one already used by Bioware. Characters customized outside of what the normal NWN rules allows will be booted at the entry or when using invalid abilities for their build. We are working hard to provide a fair playground for everybody, and we will be continuing to improve our coding to actively prevent cheating or any abuse of the way the game works.

2. Balance: not every class has to be equal in killing power, but making sure that each class can use their abilities to their fullest in the spirit of the Dungeon and Dragons game is the objective. We want to make sure that the game stays fun for every class and every build. One of the first thing we have done in the mod is restore True Seeing to it's true D&D definition: only allowing to see magically hidden things. This simple thing changed a lot of things for rogues characters that can now focus on their main sneaking skills. Many other changes have been made to protect this balance, and they are all documented in the rules file.

3. Diversity: Every single feat, skill or spell is useful in the game in some ways. There is no banned class or build. Despite the fact that the mod focus on Players versus Players, it is still possible to use skills like Bluff, Persuade or lore, feats like Defensive Roll or Dirty Fighting, or spells like Resistance or Charm Monster.

4. There is a clear goal for each map other than just mindless killing. Your goal is to bring gold from the enemy treasure back to your Dragon Lord. The tactics you will use to fullfil this goal are what make all the interest of the game, and pitting your team's resources versus the other team's resource will make your games as rewarding as epic quests! Much like standard FPS games, each game is fast paced, and limited in time. Maps rotate and players can vote for the next map they want to play on.

5. There is nothing better than team play: We encourage players to act as a team, and to accomplish the mission as such. There is no artificial separations of characters on the NWtactics servers, and every player starts with exactly the same assets. All characters have the same level in game, and every built has strengths, and weaknesses. The way to complement these weakness is to work with your party members, and play as a team.

6. A Training Ground allows you to practice and explore the maps while fighting NPC. This is the NWTactics-Wargames mod, that you will find in the NWTactics file.

7. Statistics published on the web (www.nwtactics.com) will allow you to track how well you do individualy (ratio kill/death) but also how much you contribute to your team (Gold brought back, as well as number of teams' victories). A weekly Hall of Fame displays the names of the best players of the week.

Niveau des joueurs : 12
Langue : English (traduction en francais en cours)
Nombre de joueur : 18
Avancement du module : released
Contenu supplémentaire: This Player Versus Players mod, Capture The Flag style, depicts the tribal war between RedStone, GreenWood, BlueRidge and SilverStream. Under the severe rules of their Dragon Lords, the teams must strive and fight to hoard more Gold Pieces to please their master!
Use stealth and cunning to enter the ennemy base, or brute force to break in, and go for their gold. But you then have to make it alive back to your Lord to deliver the precious metal to his greedy appetite.

NWTactics provides a unique, fast paced, and challenging gaming experience, using D&D characters and the excellent adaptation of 3rd edition made by Bioware!

Inspired by games like the FPS Team Fortress and the boardgame Talisman, characters can select a kit that complete or enhance their character build, and learn to use the different areas of the game to their advantage. Players can vote for the maps rotation, and fights are driven by the main goal of the game, which is to hoard more gold t
Type du Module : Action, player versus players
Univers : Forgotten Realm
Note :
9.75/20 |
Votes : 471
Liens : Télécharger le fichier (site externe)
Téléchargements : 950

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